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Clit Rings Enhance Shaved Pussy Sex

On December 5, 2016 · 0 Comments

shaved pussy sex

I got in to a discussion with a chick a few days ago. She claimed her clit ring was improving her sex life and after she got her beaver shaved it got even better. So, I concluded she was telling me that her clit piercing was enhancing her shaved pussy sex life. She agreed and I wanted to know why. So this babe, and I might add that this was a great looking specimen of the female kind indeed, started to explain things I will never understand. G spots, clitoral stimulation, multiple orgasms etc. I wouldn’t even know where to start. All I knew that moment is that I wanted that woman in my apartment and I wanted to dive that smooth muff of hers so badly that I just asked it. To my big surprise she agreed to come with me. Be sure to check out the pictures I took before I lived up to my fantasy!

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Pure Clean Shaven Pussy

On November 28, 2016 · 0 Comments

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I love shaved girls. There, I said it. And you do too, no? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading on this little website, I guess. I’ll tell you even more: I won’t even fuck with a girl unless she has a clean shaven pussy. The sheer look at one of those smooth muffs makes me horny enough to stuff my rod up that wet twat. I don’t care if they actually wax, shave or get laser treatment. All I care about is that they are fucking bald between their legs. There isn’t a single thing in the world that is more sexy than the hairless pussy of a women. Therefore I got you the best deal in the world. All you have to do is click the link and you’ll see for yourself I wasn’t joking. Enjoy!

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Smoking Eve And Her Shaved Pubes

On November 21, 2016 · 0 Comments

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I’m a big fan of redheaded Eve. She can totally rock my world and she is well aware of that. I invited her for a drink and some pictures and she was kind enough to insist. I started off with some funny images, to get her warm and after a while, when she was really in to the game, I dared to ask to take off her sweater. A bit after that I wanted her to lift that skimpy skirt a bit and a bit after that she sat butt naked, showing her shaven pussy. Her bald twat became the new star of my picture project and she didn’t even mind. I wish every chick I ever took a photo off shared her mentality.

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Solo Shaved Pussy Porn

On November 14, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Celia is a luscious blonde who isn’t afraid of a naughty exposure. Last month I needed to paint my studio and I asked her to come help me a bit. She is a good worker and still owed me a little something for rendered services. She came over in a sweet looking overall and I couldn’t help noticing all she was wearing underneath was a tiny top and something that appeared to be nothing more than a sexy lace thong. One thing lead to another and we started fooling around a bit. I always have my camera around so I did some images of her and she was totally in the mood. Stripping and teasing is really her second nature, as you can see. Her bald beaver and perky tits became the true stars of that day. She suddenly turned her attention to the painting equipment and started toying around with a really big brush. Need I draw something up to get your imagination going? It ended up in a real solo shaved pussy porn shoot and it’s a real lust for the eye. Don’t miss out on this one!

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Vixen Rams Her Toy Up Her Bald Snatch

On November 7, 2016 · 0 Comments

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You got to love those hot babes in high heels. And you got to love them even more when they show you their shaven pussy. Our girl Vixen keeps on her Jimmy Choos all the time and she is happy to pose with them. She claims she feels naked without them. Personally, I think that’s a bit weird. She sits there, butt naked, ready to perform some shaved pussy porn with that massive green toy and she won’t take off her shoes because she otherwise would feel naked. Weird girl, that Vixen. Anyways, make sure you check out her killer gallery, where she shows all of her biggest assets from just about every possible camera angle.

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Pretty Honey Masturbates In The Tub

On October 31, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Lola is in her mid twenties but she looks a lot younger. Especially when she does the pigtail thing with her hair, don’t you think? She stayed at my place for a couple of days when she was in town, last month. She always does that and we get a long pretty well. I got home one night and I caught her masturbating in the bath tub. She was moaning hard with her eyes closed and didn’t even see me entering the room. She didn’t really mind my presence, but she threw away her big dildo when I stayed, I can tell you that. But not before I took some nice pictures of her doing a little shaved pussy sex on her own. Her big black replacement cock entered that smooth muff of her very easily. And so did my cock.

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