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Vixen Rams Her Toy Up Her Bald Snatch

On August 29, 2016 · 0 Comments

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You got to love those hot babes in high heels. And you got to love them even more when they show you their shaven pussy. Our girl Vixen keeps on her Jimmy Choos all the time and she is happy to pose with them. She claims she feels naked without them. Personally, I think that’s a bit weird. She sits there, butt naked, ready to perform some shaved pussy porn with that massive green toy and she won’t take off her shoes because she otherwise would feel naked. Weird girl, that Vixen. Anyways, make sure you check out her killer gallery, where she shows all of her biggest assets from just about every possible camera angle.

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Pretty Honey Masturbates In The Tub

On August 22, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Lola is in her mid twenties but she looks a lot younger. Especially when she does the pigtail thing with her hair, don’t you think? She stayed at my place for a couple of days when she was in town, last month. She always does that and we get a long pretty well. I got home one night and I caught her masturbating in the bath tub. She was moaning hard with her eyes closed and didn’t even see me entering the room. She didn’t really mind my presence, but she threw away her big dildo when I stayed, I can tell you that. But not before I took some nice pictures of her doing a little shaved pussy sex on her own. Her big black replacement cock entered that smooth muff of her very easily. And so did my cock.

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Curly Reveals Her Clean Shaven Pussy

On August 15, 2016 · 0 Comments

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I consider myself a real lucky bastard. Curly Suzy was chilling poolside in my yard when we started discussing one of my favorite topics: personal hygiene. I love my women shaved… everywhere! That means armpits, legs, beaver, ass, chest, whatever. Suzy claimed her body is as smooth as a baby’s bottoms and I demanded some evidence to back up her filthy mouth. She stood up, pulled down her bikini panties and revealed her clean shaven pussy. Wow! She showed me her tits too, but I promised not to tell anyone. I also promised not to show the few dozen pics I took from her, her body, her stiff nippled tits and that very lovely bald beaver. Too bad I can’t keep a promise. Check all of her amazing images inside!

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Fetish Babe Shows Her Clean Shaven Pussy

On August 8, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Fetish babe Lauren has a thing for leather and latex. You can admire her with her high leather boots and leather corset. And lets not forget those subtle leopard skin details. This is a chick with a clear vision; she won’t do anything that doesn’t fit her style, so you can forget the pigtails and flip flops. That’s just not right for a real woman. Although, she aims at being a woman and not a girl, she is a true clean shaven pussy adept. She just can’t stand pubic hairs, so she keeps a bald beaver at all times. And as you can see, she isn’t exactly too shabby to hide her muff behind those sexy panties. There’s more of sexy Lauren after the click!

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Beautiful Redheaded Slut Loves Shaved Pubes

On August 1, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Beauty redheaded Reagan loves her body. She is one of those goth or alt girls (who can tell me the exact difference?) and she is in total touch with herself. In a true eco friendly spirit she will only wear clothes fabricated in political correct countries and she doesn’t eat meat. She’s a clean eco slut, though. She proves it when she opens her pretty legs and pulls aside her pink panties. We can enjoy her freshly shaved pubes and she isn’t ending her show there. She walks around bra less and is keen on showing us. In a true hippie feminist spirit she doesn’t like those fabric tit supporters and who are we to disagree? With such nice firm titties you don’t really need one, anyways. Check out the toys in her hand and laying in front of her. She is about to give away a smoking solo performance. That’s some solo shaved pussy sex coming your way after the click!

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The Pleasure Of A Pierced Shaven Pussy

On July 25, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Carla is a smoking hot babe and she comes with a few extras. She has a couple tattoos, but more important: she has a nipple piercing and a clit ring. I am a real sucker for those things, so I always try to get those groovy chicks to show me the foodies. Carla isn’t a shy girl, so she agreed pretty soon. I stepped it up a notch, grabbed my camera and asked her if I could snap some pics of her and her gorgeous body. She agreed and we ended up doing some sort of amateur photo shoot. She took of her top first, showing me her stunning boobs and her nipple ring. She had only one done, but she is thinking about the other tit too. Apparently the rings give her a tiny bit of joy when they rub against her bra fabric. She says it’s fun all day long. Her clit piercing took my breath away. Seeing that gorgeous little piece of surgeon metal shine beneath those smooth pussy lips was an amazing view. I like her even more now that I know she keeps a shaven pussy at all times. This is the girl of my dreams and I hope we can do some more of this in the future. Make sure you check all my pics of Lauren after the click! Some good ones are in there, if I say so myself.

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